We are Qvevri Generation, seeking to extend our ancient traditions with modern approaches. Thousands of years ago our ancestors domesticated the wild grapes and created unique wine culture. “America gave the world aviation, Germany gave the world car, Britain – internet but Georgia’s contribution was much more profound and important – Georgia gave the world wine Jeremy Clarkson. Source 1

Our Generation is part of this amazing journey filled with 525 local grape varieties; 40 cultivated quality wine grape materials generating most of wine combinations nowadays; Technology that provides rich and peculiar flavors; extraordinary tastes; Culture around, that includes Georgian national dances, polyphonic singing and traditional way of the feast experiencing the wonders of Georgian cuisine;


This is a short list of wonders on this path and we are blessed to add some more. Our road map consists of different stages with loads of creative ideas to make this journey as wonderful as our ancestral responsibility obliges. While other enterprises follow an ordinary path of making business, we seek to do it as a community and involve as many customers as possible. You are welcome to join us on this quest and become part of our enterprise with your own concepts of branding creations. As Georgian national coat of arms states, the strength is in unity!

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#1 Zazishvili st., Chugureti district, Tbilisi, Georgia, 0101